7-Step Real Estate Closing Plan

This is Michael's 7-Step Closing Plan, an outline of the minimal services that his practice provides to help clients get to the closing table ready, informed and sane.
Please feel free to email it directly to your clients so they understand what we can do.

1. Unlimited telephone and email consultations on matters that relate directly to the house hunt and proposed deals.
2. Complimentary in-office consultation to review the offer form, an actual signed contract, or any other purpose directly related to the proposed deal.
3. Nine-point start-to-finish mortgage review of all mortgage financing proposals and close monitoring of the mortgage loan application process.
4. Review of available public records for each property under contract. So everyone on the team knows the condition of title before the seller's attorney even orders a title commitment.
5. Seven-point condominium review of the association's budget and financial condition, potential special assessments, pending litigation and the organizational paperwork.
6. Practiced negotiations of all inspection and proposed contract modifications.
7. Exclusive access to a vast library of reference articles and help files on every aspect of the real estate process.


Best of all working with us is easy.
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