Selling your property today can be more difficult than ever. Banks are skittish. Buyers are scarce. Every transaction, no matter how promising, is at risk for failure. It's important that you protect your investment and your sanity with an experienced real estate lawyer.

We do three very specific things to get you to the closing table:

  1. Protect—Real estate contracts are critical and binding documents. So, before you accept a buyer's offer, we will review your contract to ensure you are getting the deal you want, from enforcing the terms of the contract to ensuring you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.
  2. Simplify—Today's transactions can be very complex. We streamline the red tape by assembling all of the legal documents, including title insurance, surveys, mortgage loan pay-off statements, transfer taxes and much more.
  3. Negotiate—Unforeseen issues are par for the course and vary for every transaction. As your real estate attorney, we will fight tirelessly for you with no outside interests, other than protecting you and your investment.

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