Representing Your Clients

In theory, real estate deals are simple: Buyer and seller agree on a price, buyer gives the seller money, seller gives the buys keys, then everyone shakes hands. In reality, we all know that closings are increasingly complicated and stressful...with conflict lurking at every turn.

We know our work is a reflection of your professional reputation, so we do everything we can to give your clients the highest level of service, the smoothest possible closings and the best overall experiences. 

Here are some of the (many) ways we support your deals:

  • Save your clients money. Your residential clients take $50 off of our fees when they prepay for services.
  • Strengthen your offers and counteroffers. Call us when you have questions about non-standard contract clauses. We can offer insights and effective strategies to help avoid ethical and legal pitfalls.
  • Spearhead negotiations and resolutions of all issues, from property inspections and appraisals to HOAs and lender challenges.
  • Answer your clients legal questions even before they submit or accept an offer. On your referral, we provide complimentary consultations to help your clients organize their thoughts and put plans into motion.
  • Complete your client’s HOA/condo association paperwork — both the forms that they want submitted and paperwork that we need from them.
  • Collaborate with you to achieve your client’s objectives.

We take pride in keeping you well informed, while maintaining client confidence. You will always know where your clients’ deals stand…so you too can provide the highest level of service.

Please check out our 7-Step Real Estate Closing Plan, our unique value-added closing strategy you can share with your clients.

Plus, we'll donate $50 to a local charity
It’s easy. We give a donation for every noncommercial closing. It’s a program we call Thanks to You.